Month: July 2011

2011 CIWF Lineup

The 2011 Colorado Indepenent Women of Film Festival took place July 19, 20 and 21 and featured 37 films from 31 local filmmakers.  The following is the list of films that were screened:

Listen to Me (06:00)
Written, Directed & Edited by Jacque Abplanalp
Vocatus Productions

The Armageddon Kitty (6:00)
Written & Directed by Eileen Agosta
Twelve Monkeys Dancing Films

Scribble Squabble Morning (05:00)
Written & Directed by Veronica H. Booz ; Produced by Veronica H. Booz & Andrea Llyod.

Get Lovable (15:00)
Written & Directed by Pamela Cuming; Produced by Pamela Cuming & Carolyn Keyes Carstens
Angel Street Films

Downloading Nancy – trailer (03:00)
Co-Written by Pamela Cuming
Tule River Films & World Premiere Entertainment

Admission’s Quest (06:30)
Directed by Gina DiTullio
Last Minute Productions

Misplaced Magic (15:00)
Written & Directed by Jamey Hastings
You May Clap Films

Lilith (22:00)
Co-Directed by Erin Kelly
Rock Rose Entertainment

Three Sisters Laundry (17:00)
Written, Executive Produced by & Starring LeighAnn Gould; Assistant Director & Choreographed by Peggy Lyle
AEC Studios

Milk, Sugar, Cream and Air (07:00)
Written, Co-Directed, Co-Produced & Starring Laurel Harris
Dalo Productions

Ashley Waits (13:00)
Produced & Directed by MaryLee Herrmann
M.L. Herrmann Productions, LLC

The Necklace – trailer (01:00)
Produced & Directed by MaryLee Herrmann
M.L. Herrmann Productions, LLC

Blue Haze by Tom Hipps – Music Video (03:00)
Directed by Kristine Hipps
PaperCat Films

You’re Not Getting Out Alive – trailer (03:00)
Co-Produced, Co-Written & Directed by Kristine Hipps
PaperCat Films

The Vending Machine Bandit (07:00)
Written & Co-Produced by Kathryn Gould
Tiny Films Productions

The Accoutrement (05:00)
Written & Directed by and Starring Katharyn Grant
Point Zero Productions

Carolina Blue – trailer (03:00)
Directed By and Starring Katharyn Grant
Altaville Productions LLC

Mile High Laci (03:00)
Executive Produced, Directed & Edited by Britaney Ibold; Produced by & Starring Christa Cannon

Ron the Beekeeper (01:30)
By Britaney Ibold

Rosco the Artist (02:00)
By Britaney Ibold

Departure – Tabidachi (06:00)
By Mamiko Ikeda

It’s Time (06:00)
Written & Directed by Wendy Klomp-Duncan; Edited by Laura Sudik.

Course Correction (17:00)
Executive Produced by & Starring Jennifer Leahy
AEC Studios

Waking Eyes – trailer (02:00)
Produced, Directed & Co-Written by Sarah R. Lofti
White Cloud Films LLC

The Last Bogatyr (17:00)
Directed & Co-Written by Sarah R. Lofti
White Cloud Films LLC

evidence, i dreamt… (03:00)
By melannie martsolf

The Adventures of Shelley & Margo: Joe the Plumber (08:00)
Written & Produced By and Starring Laura Mayo & Erin Robinson
ROMA ROMA Productions

White Room (15:00)
Written & Directed by Laurie Ann Pokin; Starring Kasha Fauscett
Sweet Pickles Productions

Broken (09:00)
Written & Directed by Kim Pritekel; Produced by Kim Pritekel, Kelly Neal & Kasha Fauscett
Asp Films

The Goal – trailer (03:00)
Written & Directed by Darla Rae
Film It Productions

Dandy Kids – trailer (03:00)
Directed by Darla Rae; Written by Darla Rae & Karen Hemmerle
Film It Productions

The Breath We Left (04:00)
Directed, Videography, Edited, Sound Design & Performed by Tara Rynders; Videography by Aruma Berduccy

Arthur Lakes – Discovering Dinosaurs – trailer (04:00)
Written & Directed by Dr. Beth Simmons; Edited by Marjorie Payne.
Friends of Dinosaur Ridge

The Song of Infinity – trailer (02:30)
Written & Directed by and Starring Cari Smith
Conari Arts & Reel Groovy Films

Replay (09:00)
Produced by & Starring Mai-Quyen Tran
Unrendered Productions

Oscar Bones (15:00)
Written & Directed by Tara L. Tusher

Big Dreams: Life After Massive Weight Loss – sizzle reel (01:30)
Executive Produced by C.G. “Zee” Zarbock & Kristen Lucas
Real Big Dreams LLC