Screener Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines when submitting your film for consideration for Colorado Independent Women of Film.  The screener you submit is what we’ll use if we decide to show your film, so make sure you’re submitting the final version.  No films will be considered without a screener link.

We screen in 720p. We prefer high quality h.264/AAC .mov or .mp4.

If your editor has stopped talking to you and you don’t know what this means simply post the highest quality version of your film on Vimeo, and enable downloads. If you don’t want your data in the wild put it behind a password.

Include the URL of your movie and password when you fill out the submission form.  If we choose your film to screen we’ll grab the 720p version Vimeo creates for you.

If you’re more technically savvy and want to make sure your file is pristine prep the .mov or .mp4 please make note of this in your submission form, and we’ll send you instructions for getting it to us via via


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